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The API is located at

API format

All API responses will be returned in the format of:

// This indicates if the API request succeeded or not
"success": boolean,
// - If success is true:
// Contains a message
"message": string?,
// Contains the data or null if there is no data to be returned
"data": object | null?,
// - If success is false:
// Contains an error message explaining the failure
// This is not considered stable and should not be used to check for a specific error
"error": string?,
// Contains an error code, these can be considered stable
// If you want to check for specific errors, please use the code and not the message!
"code": number?


Authentication to the API is done through API tokens. You can find the API token for your account under the “Account” page. If you roll your API token, any applications using the old token will immediately stop working so make sure there’s a migration plan in place.

With the API token, you can pass it into the Authorization header. Example:

Terminal window
curl \
-H 'Authorization: rpkBnBrP_XeE_V83NoYFmp9TtQ5pPS'

Rate limiting

We currently enforce a 1 req/s rate limit per account. If you need this lifting please contact us